The Photographing Process

The camera to me is a mediator, a tool giving me the chance to observe with clarity, amplifying my instinct and exhausting all the possibilities. I like to document my surroundings  while I am shooting. Everything has a role and color, texture and construction and becomes essential to the final outcome.

In the process of observing I incorporate elements that are inspiring me at the moment. I incorporate glimpses of Andean music and dances of the Indigenous highland communities in Ecuador and Bolivia. I have been listening to Luzmila Carpio, a Bolivian singer that sings predominantly in Quechua.

I like the element of surprise, the transformations that happens in between moments. There is the perfect - imperfect moment, the one that is not arranged and just appears. With Cassi this relationship is very symbiotic, we connect and we let things take its course.

Repetition and pairing are very important in my latest work, also different alterations of the objects or subjects, stimulating the viewer to see more details than usual. With fashion in particular I find that every garment can be shot in an infinite ways. I always look first at the construction of the garment, the textiles and the colors before I imagine them together.

by : Andrés Altamirano