CASSI NAMODA for 11.11 / eleven eleven

Prostration. Procession. Prayer. For all, it’s a day of cleansing.

Cassi Namoda for 11.11 / eleven eleven is a collaboration in garments between the slow made - small batch brand 11.11 and the East Hampton based - Mozambican born painter, Cassi Namoda. Founded in a mutual appreciation of slow-made craftsmanship, the capsule collection honors the ritual of everyday - reflecting a deep reverence for land and labor.

The richly textured feel of hand spun cotton runs throughout the capsule featuring relaxed dresses, tailored trousers and immediately identifies the collection’s close symbiosis with the natural world combined with the traditional knowledge of heritage craft. A delicate gauzy shirt contrasts with denim and a linen pyjama set creating a range of garments whose loose, elegant fitment, durability, and ease of wear transition fluidly between work, leisure, occasion, and relaxation.

Crochet accents, cuff detailing, subtle collar embroideries, and architectural silk paneling elevate the wearer’s tactile connection to the mindfulness of slow-made clothing, while Shaker bodices, North African silhouettes, and Indian tunic styling imagine global ceremonies of daily wear.

The organic materiality of the collection is unified through the application of an heirloom, non-GMO, short-staple kala cotton, a cultivar indigenous to India’s province of Kutch, which requires no additional water beyond annual rainfall. The capsule also includes an indigenous undyed red cotton

11.11 / eleven eleven’s signature natural dyes engage tamarind seed, sappan wood, and pomegranate which are transformed through the lens of Namoda’s sensuous palette expressed through color fields of yellow ochre, moss green & almond.

Captured by South American photographer Andrés Altamirano - the photographic sketches of Namoda and the collection are steeped in a folkloric gaze - a reference to Andean art and dance, amplifying a sense of tender interiority and close appreciation for the intricacies of each fleeting moment. 

Cassi Namoda for 11.11 encapsulates a patchwork philosophy of organic living & global poetics woven into a ‘Made in Meditation’ uniform for the new era gentle woman. 


- Wesley Hardin