Our dyeing partner transforms natural materials into wearable colour - they have been committed to the preservation of this indigenous knowledge for more than 20 years. Like us they operate on a zero waste philosophy - all the byproducts are turned into nitrogen rich fertilizer and the water is used for local crops. We are inspired by their team work and are proud to be connected.

Indigo fermentation involves creating conditions for microbiota to thrive - it’s a collaboration with microbial communities. This bioprocess is similar to the making of yoghurt, wine, kombucha, cheese, soy sauce & pickle.

Small batch natural dyeing results in pieces that are unique and celebrate the imperfect beauty of handmade processes.

Natural dyes are kinder for the health of your skin - the ingredients involved are safe enough to eat. Wearing naturally dyed organic cotton is a way to preserve the sacred space around your body as well as the environment we all live in.